Thursday, July 21, 2011

End of Summer

My life of schedule-free living is nearing its end after 6 years. As of August 1, I am going to have to follow a schedule. Princess is starting Kindergarten this year. On August 1, she will be going to a Kindergarten Transition Camp at her school. She will learn how a school schedule works and how to use the cafeteria (which in turn, when all of the students go to Kindergarten, she can teach them how to use it).

So in these last 2 weeks, I'm trying to do some fun things with the kids. Here are some of the things we did yesterday. (We stayed inside most of the day because it is just unbearably hot and we are getting a new roof, so it's kind of dangerous to be in our yard right now.):
1. We made zucchini bread.

2. We made "Melty Beads". Can you guess what they are?

Abby designed her own "SpongeBob Hiding in the Forest" (even though they do not watch SpongeBob") and Ian made a fish.

3. Bounced on their bouncy balls.
You can never be too careful. You never know when you will fall off of your bouncy ball and hit your head or elbows. :)

4. Then off to the church picnic. They played carnival games, jumped in the bounce house and got their faces painted. They wanted to look like puppies.

She was a sad puppy, because I told her it was too late for a bedtime story.

Can't wait to see what today brings. I think a little painting at a local ceramic shop. Princess already told me she wants to play some games today. I'll keep you posted.


After His heart said...

What a great post!!! You little ones are so cute!! I can't believe Princess is going to school!!

Megan said...

You forgot to mention that you have been up at the crack of dawn because of those noisy roofers! lol Your kids are adorable and we will soon have everyone play together!