Monday, July 11, 2011

My New Addiction (not really, but sort of)

Most of you know that I LOVE saving$$$$$$$$$. Since having JD, I haven't been CVSing (yes, it is a verb). I still use coupons, but not like I used too. Actually we cancelled our local paper because they didn't give us a very good deal to resubscribe. (I am soon either going to pay their fee or subscribe to a cheaper other local paper. If you have any thoughts on that, I'm open to them.) I still read blogs though that give me information on good deals.

For the last couple of months, I've been saving my family time and money! No coupons, no leaving the house, buying online! I love it. I push a couple buttons and I get the stuff delivered to my front door a couple days later. AND for cheaper or equivalent to in the store (Free shipping too.)

All from They have a "subscribe and save" program. You sign-up for the program (free), order your item, click on "subscribe and save" and you save 15%. You then schedule how often you want the item delivered. It is very easy to "manage" or "cancel". They will send you an email before they send you the next shipment to make sure you want it.

There is also a program called "Amazon Mom" that will save you an additional 15% on baby supplies.

I've also seen with diapers, on the product page you may see a "Your Coupon Book" where you can "clip" a coupon for an additional discount.

Here are a couple things I have bought:

$22.82 for 144 diapers = $0.16/diaper
(in store usually $0.23/diaper)

$9.79 for 504 wipes = $0.02/wipe

$5.95 for 12 jars of baby food = $0.50/jar
(in store usually $0.79/jar)

$21.13 for 12 canisters = $1.76/canister
(in store usually $3.99)

$9.76 for 15 boxes = $0.65/box
(in store usually $0.99/box)

I've also gotten olive oil and dishwasher detergent this way. They have a whole "Subscribe and Save Store". If you choose to buy products this way, PLEASE be sure to click on "Subscribe and Save" when you put the product in your shopping cart. If you don't, you pay shipping and you do not get the 15% off.

*Disclaimer - These deals can change at any time or become "out of stock".

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