Thursday, March 10, 2011

To Fight or Not to Fight

This morning is no different from my mornings the last couple of weeks. I have at least one kid up early. This morning Buddy woke up at 5:45am. Princess woke up at 6:15am. I let them climb into bed with me and say, "we are laying here until 7:00. If you talk you will be going back to your bed.". Well that lasts for about 10 minutes (especially since both of them are up).

I usually give them a million warnings because I'm too lazy that early in the morning to follow through (great disciplining, huh?). So here I am this morning, I told them quiet until 7. It lasted 10 minutes. So I decide not to fight it. They are watching Oso Detectives (or something like that) and I'm blogging on my iPod. Maybe the day will be better since I'm not fighting with them and I won't get in a bad mood first thing.

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