Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mommy, Can We Do That Again?

The other week, our play rooms were a royal mess (I don't have pics from that day.) I think all the toys were on the floor. I wanted the kids to help clean-up of course, but dreaded it because Buddy doesn't really help. He will just stand or sit there and watch or just play....and then I end up yelling at him. So I started thinking how I could get him to help. Then I remembered a parenting class we went to a couple years ago. The teacher suggested making a picture check list for the kids.

So I did just that. This was Buddy's list. I'm not great at drawing, but he knew exactly what each picture was...bouncy ball (riding toy thingy), cars and trucks, play food, shopping cart, and balls. Princess received a similar list, but with different items.

It was amazing how fast they cleaned up. They loved checking the boxes off. They actually raced to see who would get done first.
I used a fun little notebook for each of them and their pens that they can wear around their neck. Buddy finished is list first and asked for another one. So I drew up another list for him. Then again with Princess. It was amazing!

When the rooms were cleaned up, they said "Mommy, can we do that again the next time?!" We have done it since they and they STILL love it!


TCC said...

You are an awesome Mommy!!!

I love how you thought - how can I help them? - and then responded to what you remembered.

God is so good - He is always there and answers us even when we might think our inquiries are trivial.

The Gang's Momma! said...

Good for you! What a creative solution to the chore all mommies hate ;) Love it. I'm going to figure out how to work that for Li'l E....

Trish said...

I absolutely love this! It's so great to see someone using visual strategies with their typical kids and having such a great response. :)

We use our note cards and white boards constantly, as you might imagine, although it's a blessing to me that I don't have to draw pictures anymore and can just write the words!