Monday, July 14, 2008

I Must Have Answered the Questions Wrong

You Are a Dash

Your life is fast paced and varied. You are realistic, down to earth, and very honest.

You're often busy doing something interesting, and what you do changes quickly.

You have many facets to your personality, and you connect them together well.

You have a ton of interests. While some of them are a bit offbeat, they all tie together well.

You friends rely on you to bring novelty and excitement to their lives.

(And while you're the most interesting person they know, they can't help feeling like they don't know you well.)

You excel in: Anything to do with money

You get along best with: the Exclamation Point


Hands-Free Heart said...

:) I don't know you super well, but a lot of it doesn't fit what I know. Then again, was this what you were like before you had kids?

Some of it applies... I see you as "realistic, down to earth, and very honest."

And hey, you excel at anything to do with money at CVS, right?

Anonymous said...

I think that this hits you right on. I am a colon, but if I answer my second choice on the last question then I'm a dash. What do you think of that?

Livin' Life said...

That's ok I have kind of given up on these because they are so vague at times, but some of it true. I think there is so many great aspects about you. Your friends also cherish your love and friendship so much. That is quite evident. It doesn't matter what punctuation you are I am honored that I have the chance to get to know you personally and cyber-wise. :)

TCC said...

First of all these fun quirky quizzes don't really define who we are. At the same time, don't sell yourself short - you are an amazing woman and friend!