Wednesday, January 09, 2008

How's the Potty Training Going?

I know that is going to be the burning question now. I gave up at 11:30 this morning. A couple of wise moms told me last night that they would wait until Princess tells me that she is ready. I went ahead and tried the potty routine this morning. Then decided that since Princess wanted no part of wearing her new Dora underwear or sitting on the potty, that this is not the right time. Plus we were both up way past our bedtime last night. So things haven't been real pretty in the Thrills' household today. Maybe I will try it again when she is 13.


Melissa said...

Hang in there....this too shall pass!

You are such a great mommy! :-)

On Fire For Jesus said...

Awww. That's too bad. I'm tellin ya, she won't be going to kindergarten in diapers!

TCC said...

Don't be discouraged - just think you are now prepared for when it is THE TIME!

My motto was I wanted the boys to be trained, not me. :)

Livin' Life said...

Life loves to throw you curve balls sometimes. At least you had the right idea pausing now I didn't until we were into a full scale potty war with a little one pooping on the carpet.

You are a smart mama!!!!