Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Here we Go!

Last night Princess and I went shopping. This is what we bought: 13 pair of 2T-3T underwear, 8 containers of Play-doh, 3 chapsticks, 1 fingernail polish, bubble bath, Tic Tacs and purple Gatorade. Can you guess the occasion?

That's right! We are going to start potty training tomorrow! She has been sitting on the potty, but hasn't done anything on there yet. I read On Becoming Pottywise for Toddlers by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam and am ready for this milestone. I can't believe my little girl could actually soon be done with diapers. My baby is growing up. Anyhow, I am trying the "potty train in a day method". Go ahead and laugh, but it is worth a try, right? I will let you know how it works.

You may be wondering why we bought what we did. Well, you know what the underwear are for. Gatorade is the only juice she will drink. All of the other things are her prizes for staying dry and going on the potty. Of course I also have a ton of candy from Christmas that we will use too.


Jerri said...

Stick to your guns & don't give up. We did a very similiar approach with both my girls. It took about a week for both of them to get it. However, we celebrated with outings to the ice cream shop at the end of a good day. I can officially thank "potty training" for my weight gain. :)
Good Luck!

Livin' Life said...

That's great!! It brings back memories for me. It can be frustrating at times but it will happen. I always thought to myself in the discouraging hours that at least by 16 they will be potty trained.

TCC said...

I never read that book but I know my girlfriend (from LI) did something similar but it ended up being a couple of days.

Either way - I'll be praying for you and believing for success. :)

Wait till that money is 'free' in your budget!!!

On Fire For Jesus said...

WOW! I am so interested to know how it goes. Go, princess!!!

Hands-Free Heart said...

I'll be watching for the report!

I've been tempted to try something with Fuzzy Wuzzy now that the holidays are past. I believe his physical body has been ready for quite some time, but I don't know if he's mature enough in other ways.

Hope it goes well for you and princess!