Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas 2007

Wow! I am so glad Christmas is over. This was such a fun year.

The last several years, you could have called me "Scrooge" during the Christmas season. I did not like the gift giving part. I thought it was too stressful and not appreciated enough.

This year was different. I think for two reasons. First, I was so excited to see how Princess reacted to everything. We actually bought her 3 gifts this year - a Doodle Pro, Mr. Potato Head, and a beauty vanity. Second, we cut out some of our gift giving. (A mutual decision between us and our siblings.)

I really like being in the Christmas spirit rather than the Scrooge spirit.

Little Guy slept through all of the gift exchanges. Princess had such a good time opening her gifts...well at least the first 136 or so. She got overwhelmed while opening gifts from her grandparents. At one point she put both hands on her head and shook her head "no". Then walked out of the room. Every time she opened a gift, we would put it aside and tell her to open another one. She just wanted to stop and play with what she just got, but there just wasn't time for that. You know what I am saying.

Here are some of our Christmas pictures. I didn't take alot because of having to help the kids.
Good thing we have such a big tree. Otherwise all of these toys wouldn't fit. (This isn't even all of the toys!)

This is Princess checking out her new vanity.

Princess putting her lipstick on.

Little Guy trying to get into his present.

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