Saturday, January 19, 2008

Animal Antics - The Ugly Duckling

Don't Make Us Stop This Car is doing Animal Friday. I know this is Saturday, but better late then never. Here is my story:

When I was elementary school age, my grandparents always had stands at fairs, flee markets, etc. They sold stuff like cheap watches, jewelry, and crafts. My sister and I thought it was fun to go visit them and occasionally spend the night there with them.

Anyhow we went to this one fair and fell in love these baby chicks that were born in the animal tent the week of the fair. On the last day of the fair, all of the chicks were given away. My sister and I became the proud owner of 2 chicks.

We took our new ball of fluff home. We built a little cage for them. We had ideas of where we could build a pond. You know give them a luxurious life. We took them in the house and bathed them. Well, I don't think my sister's chick made it past the bath. I'm not exactly sure what happened to it.

My duck grew to be an ugly duck. This is not a picture of my duck, but this is what it looked like.

One evening I went outside to give my duck it's supper. We had a fenced in yard so I let the duck out for some exercise. I put the food in the food dish. As I am walking back up to the house, the duck came over to me and started flapping it's wings at my legs. I did what any little girl would do - I started to cry and scream. My sister, mom and dad all ran out onto our deck to see what was going on. My dad kept saying "Just run away from it! Run!" I cried and screamed, "I can't!" You know what seemed like eternity was probably only a couple of seconds.

Well, I was done with the duck. I didn't want any part of it after that. So my dad took it to the local dam and let it free.

A couple of weeks later, my dad was talking to a coworker. This guy was telling my dad that he was fishing at the dam and this crazy duck came up to him and tried to attack him. It happened more that one time. So the guy decided to get a hockey stick out of his car and pretend to fish with that. Well I'm not going to finish the story. You can speculate what happened from there.


joker said...

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Melissa said...

Well now, that just finished any thoughts I've entertained of adding a duck to our dysfunctional animal pack.

Anonymous said...
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Natalie said...

I've always wondered what people do with those cute, little chicks once they get them home.

The Gang's All Here! said...

Don't laugh at me, but I actually am a little afraid of any member of the bird family. Those beady eyes and darting movements - I dislike the fact that I can't know what they are gonna do next . . . they really creep me out - no geese, ducks or chickies for me, thank you very much!