Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Love Holidays

My husband has a job where he gets all those extra holidays off - like Martin Luther King Jr Day, President's Day, Arbor Day, Scandinavian Day(just kidding!). Anyhow I love having him home.

Yesterday, we were able to go on a date. We let the kids at home (just kidding again!). We went to the Olive Garden for lunch. We love to go at lunch to get their all you can eat soup and salad for $5.95. We splurged a little and got dessert. We got a chocolate lava cake served with strawberries and a vanilla sauce. It is to die for. You have to go try it.

Then hubby and I went to Home Depot and Lowe's. Fun, fun. Not really my idea of a fun time, but we needed to get a few things for the house.

Then we did what I have been wanting to do since Christmas. We went to the mall! I love to shop but I refuse go shopping with the kids. Princess is a hand full in the stores right now. She likes to do her own thing - run off, hide in the racks, walk as slow as molasses in January going up a hill. She will sit the cart or stroller for a little while, but not long enough for me to look at everything in the store. You know what I mean.

We got some great deals at Children's Place and JCPenney's. Even Hubby was thrilled when we left Children's Place. We had purchased 6 items for around $17.

We finished our date with Carmel Lattes from Panera Bread. Panera makes the best carmel lattes!

The best part about this date other than spending quality time with my hubby was I wasn't feeling so good yesterday. At the Home Depot, I almost said let's just go home so I can sleep and just relax without the kids. But guess what?! After shopping at the mall, I was so revived! I believe that laughter is not the only good medicine, but shopping is too.


Krazy Klingers said...

I agree shopping is GOOD medicine!

Natalie said...

Amen, sister!

Melissa said...

I like the mall way too much! It is one of my favorite places to take all my girlie girls when we have some free time. We stop at Bath and Body Works (where we slather smelly things all over ourselves), Claire's, Limited 2 (although we never buy anything there because it is too expensive!), the Disney Store and of course, lunch in the food court! Occasionally I can do a little "mommy shopping" with them, but that usually ends with the same behavior you described Princess as having!

Livin' Life said...

OK. So now I know who to send a shopping list too and go shopping for me. I will make a trade. You shop for me and I will watch your cute kids.:)

On Fire For Jesus said...

Can I just say, that I would totally take Livin Life up on that last sentence she added. Totally!!!

Tarrah said...

What a beautiful date! My hubby and I are going on one similar to yours next monday and I just can not wait :)