Saturday, June 30, 2007

If It's Free, It's for Me

I stole the title from my good friend On Fire. I'm sure she won't mind. You can read here and here how my friends are getting good stuff for free.

Well now it's my turn! In the last week or so I have gotten for absolutely FREE:
  • 2 adult Hershey Park tickets
  • a roof on our garage
  • ticket for Hubby to go to a Phillies game

Not too shabby I must say. And then thanks for the tip from TCC and Promises, I went to BJ's this week to check out the chicken. Are you ready for this?!! I got Perdue boneless, skinless, thin cut, prebagged chicken breast that was originally priced $30.66 (2 packages) for only...drum roll please..... $9.30!!!!!!!! To me that is practically free!



TCC said...

Hooray! That is soooooooo awesome!!!

Classic MaMa said...

Amen! I also wanted to contibute to your free stuff. I have two bags of clothes for little guy that I wanted to give you last week. Hopefully, I'll have to opportunity to give them to you before he gets to big to wear them!!

On Fire For Him said...

See, we need to keep a record of all the wonderful things God is blessing us with. He is our Provider!!

I just scored a pair of awesome jeans from Old Navy for free, from our roomate!!