Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Praise Him for the Little Things

Yesterday was such an awesome day. To you it may seem like a ordinary day, but I am just thankful for some of the little things that happened. Let me just tell you a few.

  • I finally got my kitchen cleaned up.
  • Princess and I met Daddy for lunch. It was such a beautiful day that we went outside to blow bubbles (which Princess can say "bubble" very well - it is so cute! I think it is her first "real word")
  • I mentioned that it was a beautiful day. It was in the upper sixties!!!
  • Princess played for the first time outside. She loved it. It was so fun to see how happy she was. Everything made her laugh.
  • I got an oil change in my car. The garage quoted me $30.00 + tax totaling approx $33. After the oil change, my bill was $19.92!!!!! Their computer showed a $10 credit that they owed to us.
  • Princess will say "thank you" in sign language without being told to do so.
  • Princess went to bed last night without a fight. (1st in weeks)
  • I'm not sure if this was yesterday or today, but it is worth mentioning. Site Meter is working for me again!

It is 7am now. I am praying that today I will find the little things again to praise God for.


On Fire For Him said...

Sounds like a REALLY good day! How awesome!

CampHillGirl said...

Playing outside does wonders for sleeping. :) Glad it was such a good day.

--Rachel B.