Sunday, March 11, 2007


Let me just tell you. Three days ago, we got about 3-4 inches of snow. I didn't take pictures, because really I hate snow and don't see a point in taking pictures of it. Maybe once Princess starts playing in it I will. Anyhow yesterday it was in the upper FIFTIES!!!! I went outside without a coat on (don't tell my doctor. I have a second round of strept throat in 3 weeks.) I could live with the weather we had yesterday. I hope spring is just around the corner or maybe here already - that, my friend, would be glorious!

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On Fire For Him said...

I am so sorry to hear that you have strep again. Yuck! I just pray right now for your body to come back to its normal healthy self, in Jesus name!!

I was missing you this weekend, at the womens retreat. I kept thinking about our last retreat together and keeping up our neighbor!!!

Glad to hear that it is warmer up there!