Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm Not Very Happy

This weather is not making me very happy at all. 4-8 inches for wintery mix!!!!!!! I was praying that the weather man was going to be wrong, but I guess God has other intentions.

Who would have ever thought that one day it could have reached 75 degrees (F) and then 2 days later snow?

Please tell me when spring has sprung for good.


Anonymous said...


I talked to Dottie just a little while ago and she said it was snowing - I told her I was sitting outside in 80 degree temps with a wind coming from the northwest that felt really good. Just had to rub it in - LOL. Sorry that you are down today because of the weather, just wait a day or two, it will change again! Spring is just around the corner - you just have to get to that corner. Take care,


Janene said...

I didn't realize you were in PA! I'm right outside of Pittsburgh and we got the wintery mix, too. I'm so bummed out because Tuesday was BEAUTIFUL and now we're back to this stupid snow. ARGH! I'm ready for this to be over!

Mainly, I just don't want to have to fight with the kids to put on their winter coats anymore. ;)

Here's to sunny weather getting here ASAP!

amy said...

I want snow, I just dont want to drive in it!!!