Monday, February 28, 2011

It Only Took 5 Years

From the time Princess was born, we did what she wanted us to do to get her to fall a sleep. She was the first born, so we didn't really know any better. We patted her butt. We rocked her. We sat in her room then would try to sneak out without waking her. She slept on a small bed on our bedroom floor. We did everything, except let her cry it out (actually we tried, but caved). The last 2 years, I'm guessing, I would have to sit in the hallway so that she could see me. I would read, crochet, do coupons, or something to keep me occupied. But honestly, I hated sitting there (and miss out on the great TV shows that were on). I used to say that in our house, the first born was going to be the "spoiled one".

Well, she turned 5-years-old in October. Then JD was born. I was still sitting in the hallway, usually holding JD or nursing him. Then I would have to get up to change him or put him to bed...something that would make me leave the hallway. Guess what?! After just a few weeks, she didn't need me in the hallway anymore. She would still like for me to be upstairs, but I don't always stay up and she is okay. THANK YOU, JESUS!!!

I'm not saying bedtime is perfect though. We still have her giving us excuses why she can't sleep yet...water, potty, needs recovered, etc. But I don't have to sit on the floor in the hallway. YAY!!!!

It only took 5 years....

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Classic Mama said...

:) Hurrah for you! You are such a great, unselfish, patient mom. Princess will always know that you love her and are there for her!