Thursday, January 07, 2010

Get Rid of That Winter Itch

Do you have that winter itch? Itchy skin, that is. A couple of us have it in our family. It is very common in during these dry Pennsylvania winters. (I post this every winter hoping to help someone.)

I worked 9 years as a medical assistant in dermatology. This is what the professionals recommend to get rid of that winter itch.
  • Take 10 minutes or less in the shower. If your skin wrinkles, you have been in too long. Wrinkles (from being in the shower too long) mean dehydration.
  • Before drying off, rub baby oil or mineral oil over your skin.
  • After drying off, use a thick CREAM (Cetaphil or the drug store brand of Cetaphil is my favorite) on your skin. If it comes in a pump bottle, it is not thick enough. (Lotions are not thick enough and often times are more irritating to your skin)
  • If you can stand it, rub petroleum jelly on your skin before bed.

After taking control over your skin (or if you only have a mild itch to begin with), you don't have to continue with every step. You can usually manage it with just oil or cream.

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