Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What's on Top of Your Christmas Tree?

On Christmas morning the kids and I were sitting at Grammy and Pappy's house waiting for all the Christmas fun to begin. The kids were looking at all the ornaments on the Christmas tree. Here is our conversation:

Little Guy: Why does Grammy have a star on top?
Me: Some people put stars on top of their tree, some put an angel. We have an angel. Grammy has a star.
LG: What does Aunt Becky have on her tree?
Me: I'm not sure. I can't remember what they put on top of their tree. Princess, do you remember what Aunt Becky has on top of her tree? (because if anyone would remember, it would be Princess)
Princess: Hmm? I think a pirate.
Princess: Yes. I think a pirate. It has a feather.
Me: Oh, maybe an angel. Sometime angels have feathers.
Princess: No. A pirate.

So there you have it. Aunt Becky has a pirate on top of her Christmas tree.


Naomi Hess said...

That has sound effects right. Argh! (How funny!)

SM said...

I love it! The things kids say.... :-). Great post.

This Journey of Mine said...

A Pirate??? That is hilarious! The boys are going to find that one straight out funny! I can't wait to tell them!