Monday, November 02, 2009

She Is So My Daughter

We are working on this potty training thing with Princess. She is doing great with pee. I have been rewarding her with candy and a sticker for her sticker chart after she goes.

Well since Halloween, WE have been eating A LOT of candy! Today I decided that the kids and I will only have 3 pieces total today.

Princess pees on the potty for the 3rd time today:

Princess: I peed 3 times today. I get 3 stickers and 3 pieces of candy.
Me: No. You can have 3 stickers and 1 piece of candy.
Princess: Why?
Me: We've been eating too much candy.
Princess: I know the fun way. We can switch. I will have 1 sticker and 3 pieces of candy.

Hmm? Wonder where she gets her smarts?


Scarlett said...

I'd take candy over stickers any day! That's probably why my little Wii Fit person looks so chubby...

Classic MaMa said...

Ok obviously not Scarlett as her Wii Fit person is the only one loosing weight...I forgot to log her off.