Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Beloved Pacifier

We started telling Princess a couple months ago that when she turned 4, she was going to throw her pacifier away in the trash. So on her 4th birthday, I told her no more pacifier. I said, "when you are ready to throw it away, let me know and we will do it."

Quiet time came and she wanted her pacifier. I told her "No, you are a big girl. You don't need it." She would cry off and on for it. During her quiet time, I was chatting with Classic Mama on Facebook. I told her what was going on. She suggested going to Build A Bear and putting it in a bear for Princess. What a great idea! When Dave got home, I told him. He also liked the idea. As soon as we ate supper, we were off to the Build A Bear store. Princess picked out Hello Kitty to put her pacifier inside. Princess seemed a little sad, but was okay about the whole thing. I almost cried though, but knew I had to be strong for her.

THEN BEDTIME CAME :( oH mY wORD! Crying, Screaming, Reaching for the door, tossing herself all over the bed. WOW! I laid in bed praying and singing with her during this whole time. She did this for about 45 minutes and then just "passed out"....for about 3 hours, then it started again! I think I was up with her 3-4 times that night. (Dave was up with Little Guy each time too.)

The next night was better. She cried for her pacifier for a couple of minutes and then once or twice in the middle of the night, but that was it.

The next night she asked for her pacifier, but no crying.

She seemed depressed for about a week. I finally took her out just the 2 of us and spent some time doing what she wanted. I made the time all about her and that seemed to do the trick. She is her happy little self again. Once in a while, she will ask for her pacifier with a smile on her face.

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