Thursday, July 24, 2008


We planted a garden this year. Last year we planted tomatoes and had success with them. So this year I decided to plant more and see how we do. We planted tomatoes (cherry and regular), zucchini, green peppers, carrot seeds and cucumber seeds. We haven't seen any cucumbers or carrots but we have had a couple of ripe cherry tomatoes (lots of green ones), about 7 green peppers and a lot of zucchini.

I have made 4 loaves of zucchini bread. We have grilled the zucchini. We made zucchini crab cakes. I still have about 6 zucchini in my kitchen right now. Does anyone have a favorite zucchini recipe that you would share with me? We love zucchini but I'm afraid that if we have zucchini as a side dish every meal, we may get tired of it.

Well gotta go. I just got an email from CVS saying "Save, $5 this Saturday only".


On Fire For Jesus said...

Hey - I didn't get that email! Forward it on to me! I'll run to CVS on Saturday for $5.00!

Hands-Free Heart said...

We make ratatouille a lot. It uses zucchini and yellow summer squash, but I'm sure you could skip the yellow and double the zucchini.

Slice zucchini, yellow squash, and tomatoes into thin rounds (1/8 - 1/4 in). Saute in olive oil with mint and cinnamon, salt and pepper. (I know the flavors sound weird, but try it anyhow). Also you can add onions and garlic if you like.

Another thing we do is saute zucchini, tomatoes, onions, and peppers in a combination of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Try cutting the zucchini lengthwise in 2 in long strips and eating it raw with veggie dip.

Tip: I think smaller zucchini are less bitter, and therefore better for dishes where you can taste it. The larger ones are better for mixing into breads and cakes. (Oh yea... look up recipes online for zucchini chocolate cake.)

tiffany said...

chicken zuchinni casserole:
1 pack (6oz)stuffing mix, 3/4 cup butter melted, 3 cups diced zuchinni, 2 cups cubed cooked chicken, 1 can (10 3/4oz) cream of chick soup undiluted, 1 med carrot shredded, 1/2 cup sour cream. In a large bowl, combine stuffing mix & butter. Set aside 1/2 cup for topping. Add the zucchini, chicken, soup, carrots & sr cream to the remaining stuffing mixture. Transfer to greased 2-qt baking dish. Sprinkle w/reserved stuffing. Bake, uncovered at 350* for 40-45min or until golden brown & bubbly

Anonymous said...

Try zucchini lasagna (sp). OR better yet pass a couple zucchini my way and I can make some zucchini bread to stick in the freezer.
OR try zucchini whoopie pies!

Trish said...

Just saw this today: Zucchini Corn Fritters