Thursday, May 01, 2008

"They're Cute"

Yesterday I realized that a coupon I had for Kohl's was expiring. The coupon was for $5 off any purchase. So to me that is free money. After the kid's nap, I put them in the car and headed to Kohl's. I new I couldn't take too long in the store; otherwise the kids would get restless. I checked out the toy section first (Little Guy's birthday is right around the corner). Then I checked out the infant department. In the infant department, Little Guy cleared several racks off and Princess kept bringing me outfits saying, "I like this." Princess is my little shopper.

I decided against clothing and went back to the toy department. We decided to buy bubbles "that don't spill." The bubbles were only $3.99 so I had another dollar to spend. We headed to the jewelry department to the clearance rack. I found a pair of earrings that I liked for $2. So I paid $1.05 for bubbles and earrings. Then the cashier gave me a $10 off coupon for my next purchase!

We then went to Home Depot to buy chain for the kiddos swing. On the way to Home Depot I put on my new earrings. As we were walking around the store, Princess looked at me and said, "Like earrings! They're cute!"

I love that she can talk. The things she says now just make you giggle.


WherestheBox said...

Adorable! And she's already a fashionista. :)

The Gang's All Here! said...

Very cute. I love my shopping partner - just wish she was as frugal as her brother :) Instead, she got my expensive tastes!