Friday, May 23, 2008

Boy vs. Girl??

Is this mess boy vs. girl or 1st born vs. 2nd?

Here is Princess using a fork. The icing on her cheek was put there by someone who wanted her to be messy.

I think it is boy vs. girl. But then again, I could be wrong. I forgot that Princess was using a fork at her first birthday. Poor Little Guy hasn't even been introduced to a spoon or a fork yet.

*That was as of Sunday. This morning I gave him a spoon with his cereal. He started off okay. He would get cereal on the spoon then with his other hand pick it off and eat it. Then when that wasn't fast enough, he just used his other hand and took handfuls of his cereal (milk dripping off) and shoved it in his mouth. Must be boy vs. girl!


WherestheBox said...

Not having a girl, I can't really say. All I know is food was everywhere at our Little Guy's 1st birthday - he actually picked up the bowl of ice cream and practically dumped it on his head trying to lick it out of the bowl!

Natalie said...

Second born, definitely. Try having a third just throw the food on the floor and let'em lick it up.

TCC said...

I only have boys and they don't "fit" with this line of thinking. They are actually pretty neat which I will fully admit could be attributed to me. My first born initially used his finger and carefully scooped at the cake. Finally (with MUCH prompting) he decided to take some bites out of his cake. Second born? He didn't eat a single bite of cake. Rather, he cried. Cried! It was a really good cake too. He likes cake now...4 years later.

Oh - if I use myself as an example I went face first into my cake and my sister (younger than me) dipped her finger in like a little lady.

Hands-Free Heart said...

I already told you this, but for us it was second-born, as we have two boys. The first ate with a fork and didn't want any icing on his fingers. The second stuck his hand right in the cake (a little round cake, not a slice), and had a blast!

Now that he's 2, he still rarely uses a spoon or fork. He is fully capable, but thinks its faster to pick up the cereal with his fingers and let the milk drip on down. The firstborn used a spoon and fork all the time for all things messy by the time he was 16 mos.

The Gang's All Here! said...

Yeah, um I think it's a second born thing. My #1 son is a neat freak - confessed to me that he sometimes just goes on cleaning sprees when he can't take it anymore. That he thinks he and I are the only ones in the house who see the mess. #2? "Mess, what mess?!" Cracks me up!!!!

Loved seeing you on Sunday - just wish I hadn't been late to church so I could have hung out and chatted. Your kids are GORGEOUS in person and you both look great. Parenthood agrees with you :)