Saturday, November 24, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Boy we have been very busy here in the Thrills household.

Last Saturday we left bright and early to go visit On Fire and her family. What an awesome trip! We had so much fun. We went to their town's Holiday Parade. Princess is still talking about the chicken in the car (a float advertising a chicken wing restaurant) and the drums. We also visited the children's library in Charlotte. Our husbands went to see the Charlotte Bobcats basketball game. We went out for wings - something that we always have to do together. We played two games of Mexican train dominoes and one game of Tripoloy. We did a lot, but we also had a relaxing time just spending time together, talking, and LAUGHING (boy did we laugh). The kids got along so well. It was fun watching them play together. We always love our visits together. It is so hard to leave.

We got home Wednesday evening around 5pm and baked four pumpkin pies for our Thanksgiving get-together's with our families. Thanksgiving morning we went to my parents home. We had lunch. Princess played with my nephews. They put make-up on her, painted her finger and toe nails, and wrote "I love you" on her belly with lipstick. She got the spa treatment! The men fell asleep watching football, while the ladies went through all of the black Friday ads preparing for our next day's adventure.

We then went to Hubby's mom's house for our second Thanksgiving dinner. (talk about overeating!) Princess played with one of her cousins who is exactly one year younger but the same size as her. She also played a lot by herself under the food tables. (Now, I am rethinking her Christmas gift. Doodle Pro or table? Hmm?) Anyhow, we had a good time with the family there also.

Then came black Friday! Oh, how I enjoy black Friday! Remember my experience last year? You can read about it here and here. Well I don't have any interesting stories this year. I did get up around 3am. My mom, sister, my mom's friend, her son, and I were at Kohl's for their 4am opening. That place was a mad house, especially the tiny toy section. We visited Kohl's, Kmart, Circuit City, Lowe's, Toys R Us, Marshall's, and Target. I got some really good deals (I won't bore you with my purchases) and got a lot of my Christmas shopping done. We finished our day with a traditional soup and salad lunch at the Olive Garden. I saw some friends out in the madness including Plain and Simple and made some new "friends". Overall it was a pleasant day if you enjoy that sort of craziness!

Now today I think we are going to look for the biggest Christmas tree around to fill up our living room. That's a story for another post.


Melissa said...

That sounds like so much fun packed into such a short time! What a blessing!

TCC said...

I know you had a wonderful time - I think it is so wonderful that your family was able to get together with On Fire's. The two of you remind me of of me and my sis.

I cannot believe you went to all of those stores before lunch!

Finally, I didn't vote on the lights because we have a policy at our corner (created by Simms). All of our lights are non-blinking. Inside they are multicolored and outside they are clear.

Rest up this weekend!

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