Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hershey Park Happy

Just a Miniature!
Daddy and Princess on the Bizzy Bees.
(Princess' 1st ride)
Mommy and Princess on the Tiny Timbers.


Promises Fulfilled said...

How adorable! I am looking forward to taking Brady at some point - probably not this year, but maybe next! :)

TCC said...

So cute!!!

Looks like she had lots of fun with her Daddy.

Plain and Simple said...

You guys look like you have had a great time! I hope there are lots more! She is so adorable!

On Fire For Him said...

The pics came out great! I never did get to put my post up about traveling to PA.

We really miss you guys. My eyes filled up with tears when we parted last Sunday. I thought, this is nuts, I shouldn't be feeling this way. But, I do. I miss you guys, alot!