Monday, April 02, 2007

We Tried It!

Well we finally tried the new TJ Rockwell's in Mechanicsburg yesterday. I was a little disappointed because they don't have their Sunday brunch up yet. Our waitress said it would probably be a couple of months. Oh well, they have plenty of other good things on their menu. We also asked when they are going to build a deck onto the restaurant (in E-town the deck is a huge part of their business). The M-burg restaurant will not have one for a couple of years! I guess I may have set my expectations to high.

Hubby still claims that they have the best Sizzlin' Fajitas ever. We also enjoyed their rhino fries. I knew that I would probably be full from just a little bit of food (since everything inside of me is squished) so I just got a bowl of potato soup. It was good, but I have had better.

I also saw CampHillGirl while we were there. She and her 4 children were enjoying "The World's Smallest Sundae". This is a 39 cent sundae on TJ's menu. It is basically a bite size sundae. I think it is great, because I never have room for a dessert and this gives you a little taste.

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CampHillGirl said...

Well, we loved it, but we've never been to the E-town one, so we didn't miss the deck--although I was hoping for the brunch. Still, I really liked the quiet, spread-out feel inside and the huge benches that could easily accommodate our big family.