Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Site Meter

There are a number of things that I like about site meter, but my favorite is "Recent Visitors By Referrals." With this feature it tells me how viewers of my site found me. I get a lot by other bloggers linking to me. My favorites though are from Google, blog, Comcast, & AOL searches.

The majority of these visitors type in something about "new mom" such as:
  • new mom
  • being a new mom stories
  • joy of being a new mom
  • blogs about being a new mom
  • songs about being a new mom

Then there are those looking for information about restaurants. (I did a "Thursday Thirteen" about me favorite restaurants.) I have seen the following:

  • Juliana's Italian Restaurant
  • Carrabba's, Mechanicsburg
  • TJ Rockwell's Mechanicsburg
  • Olive Garden's garlic-herb chicken con broccoli

I also have gotten several hits lately from people looking for birthday party ideas:

  • 1-year old boy birthday themes
  • gym in carlisle that has birthday parties
  • trampoline and pennsylvania gym party

Then there are some that are more interesting. I usually know where in my blog these are from, but it is just fun to see what people are looking for. Here are some that are kind of in their own category:

  • black pregnancy tickers
  • cupcakes in the shape of a frog
  • what to do with a diaper blowout
  • "What do you get for your $160,140?"
  • nobody likes me everybody hates me guess i will eat worm listen to

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