Friday, January 26, 2007

Money Saver

These money savers make great gifts, a cheap date with your hubby or a fun girls night out.

My hubby found out about a local radio station that sells gift certificates for half of their face value. For example, we purchased a $50 gift certificate from Juliana's Italian Restaurant for only $25 (+ shipping and handling, of course). Now I just found out through a friend that a local tv station does the same. From the tv station we purchased a $50 gift certificate from A Meal in a Minute for just $25 (+S&H).

Not only do they offer restaurant gift certificates, but they also offer gift certificates to spas, a sports academy, Big Ugly Warehouse, gyms, modeling agency, etc. Be sure to check them out. Some of the gift certificates sell out fast, others linger for a long time. Also check back weekly because I think new ones come out every week. Before buying, make sure you read the limitations - must be used in one visit, can only use one at a time, etc.

Click here to take you right to the Discount Deals or Savory Savings from the local radio station.

Or click here to take advantage of the Discount Deals from the local tv station.


Mom In Action said...

Jim just did this. He bought gift certificates to Dorado's. They were $3 for a $25 gift certificate and we have to spend at least $35. I was a little leery so I'm happy to hear of someone else who's done it.

Mom In Action said...

Jim says we got ours at