Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Adventures with OnFire

Thirteen Things about Thrills (Adventures with OnFire)

1. Discovery Place
2. Fuel Pizza
3. Concord Mills Mall
4. Starbucks X2
5. Imaginon Library
6. Cabarrus Creamery on Union Street (ice cream!)
Those were 6 places that we visited. The following are non-places.
7. Turning their garbage disposal/sink drain into a fountain!
8. Her 4-year-old asking me to help him wipe after pooping.
9. Loud praying in the apartment above them.
10. Lizards on her back deck.
11. Watching the Lowe's Motor Speedway get ready for the big race this Saturday.
12. "Whoops-A-Daisy" (a christian rap song)
13. Fire Church
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amy said...


Great toby mac song and great post this week

Janice & Dean said...

So, I hear congratulations are in order! Are you going to change your blog name? Maybe New Mom x 2?

I'm so happy for you and will be following the progress on your blog.