Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dr. Phil

A good friend of mine attended the Women of Faith conference in Philadelphia several weeks ago. She was telling me all about it. Something she said surprised me.

One of the speakers was Robin McGraw, Dr. Phil's wife. She spoke about her book that was just released Inside My Heart. When she was done speaking Dr. Phil came on stage to "walk her off" just as she had done for him after all of his shows. He also spoke for a couple of minutes. He told the women that the best thing that he and Robin have done is accepted Jesus as their savior.

I couldn't believe it. I am not a huge Dr. Phil Fan. I occasionally watch his show. This really excited me. I love when someone famous is not afraid to speak about their faith.

Today Dr. Phil has some of the speakers from the Women of Faith Conference on his show. I can't wait to see his show.

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