Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Was it worth it?

Well, things are finally get back to "normal" with my little princess. I was beginning to wonder if vacationing was really worth it. Once we got back from our vacation to the Outer Banks, Princess did not want to take her 2 daily naps or go to bed. Before vacation, I could just lay her in her crib and she would fall asleep on her own. After vacation, I had to rock her to sleep or pat her little butt until she fell asleep.

Praise Jesus! She is now falling asleep on her own. Yesterday she didn't even cry at all before she went to sleep. Thanks to some advice from OnFire she is now even sleeping through the night! (Now I need to figure out how to sleep through the night.)

You may be wondering about how breastfeeding is going since she started biting me. Well, she hasn't bit me since that day. However, I am in the process of weaning her. She is down to one feeding a day which is right before bed. I think last night may have been our last night, but we will see how bedtime goes tonight without a feeding before we determine that. I will keep you updated.

Now I can say that vacation was worth it. It is very different from vacationing without having a child. But then again, my entire life is different from pre-Princess. I am so thankful that God has given me this oppurtunity of being a mommy. I would not go back to life without her.

Well I think she just woke up. It is 7:39am and she has been sleeping since 8 o'clock last night!


On Fire For Him said...

Yahoo! I am so excited for all of you! Princess will probably have a better disposition too, from having her regular sleep!

You are doing such a great job! I really mean that!

aggiejenn said...

I can totally relate to this! Our son hasn't been sleeping well, and then when he does, I am not used to sleeping well! I'm going to be starting the process of weaning soon--Caleb turns one year old in a week and a half. Any advice you could send my way? Thanks for visiting my blog!