Monday, September 18, 2006


So, Princess has just entered the lifelong season of needing disciplined. My husband and I have just recently started saying "no" to her. We have also slapped her fingers a couple of times.

We have decided this is definitely not as easy as we always thought it would be. You know before you have children, you know how and when to discipline children. Well now we have no clue. (Admit it. You were just like us.)

Here is the story. Princess will be 11-months-old this week. She crawls everywhere. Therefore, she gets into things that she should not be in. I have baby-proofed my house somewhat.

Now that I writing this it doesn't seem like she gets into much. But I know that soon I am really going to have to start disciplining. What I am asking from you is do you have any suggestions on when and how to discipline? Do you have any books that you would recommend? Please help.


TCC said...

I read Babywise II and Childwise. Didn't use everything from them but took away the fact that consistency is the most important factor - and that you see results. If over time you do not see a change then the discipline you are using is not effective. I thought we were in for it with our second...when he did something he shouldn't we would tell him "no" and give him a little squeeze on the hand and as he got older a little "spank" on the hand (my hand was under his so it didn't really hurt-just made the point). He would SMILE at us and sometimes go to do the same thing again. Consistency works! He is now 2 and I just have to tell him "no" and remind him of the consequences. I see him choose to change his behavior. As a result I would say he is a "terrific two-year-old".

Anonymous said...

Just be consistant.

Tracy Whitney said...

Loved any of the Dr. Sears resources - helped us get to the heart of the issues, while at the same time, training (all of us!) in the rote behavior of obeying us when we spoke. Consistency is a key, and remembering to discipline for defiance; not for childish behavior. She is, after all, a child :) Love on her and pray with her each time you correct her and talk even now to her about choosing to obey Mommy. Congrats - you are embarking on a great journey that will teach you MUCH about your own heart of obedience toward your God as you train her to listen to your voice and obey you. VERY revealing and humbling stage if you allow it to be so. Miss ya, and thanks so much for posting her pics - makes me feel better about missing everyone so much :) Tracy

Brianne said...

What is it about parenting? You're so right, when they're not yours, it's so easy to see where the discipline needs to be applied, but when they are yours, it is painful to act upon.
Although I'm just expecting my first, I've seen my sister and various friends go through the same thing. It's made me appreciate what I have to look forward to!