Thursday, August 31, 2006

Big Girl

This is my big girl making a mess today.

This is my big girl climbing stairs!! (This is new.)

This is my big girl reading a book. (Finally some quiet time.)


Mom In Action said...

I love how she has her legs crossed reading the book. Such a little lady

On Fire For Him said...

Oh dear, didn't I tell you, once she got her "legs" you were going to be in for it??? LOL! She is just so cute.
Hey, I got your email, but our quick dial up is hurting my response. I am going to try it email you back tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

That's my princess!!!
Now that she has mastered going up the stairs, you need to teach her how to come down so you don't hear a bump, bump, bump some day.
It's fun watching them grow up, but it happens toooooo quickly!
Love and Kisses!