Monday, August 14, 2006

God - My Provider

If you have been checking my blog, you have noticed that I haven't blogged for several days. I have been using a dinosaur computer. My husband and I bought is about 10 years ago. It is slow and gives us problems every once in a while. Well last Tuesday (8/8/06), our computer died. It couldn't find the Windows program or something like that. (I don't know much about computers.)

My husband and I have been praying for a new computer for at least four months. We need one because my husband is a CPA and wants to start his own tax firm. Anyhow, the day our computer crashed God had someone call us and tell us that they were to buy us a new computer. That night we got together and we were able to order a computer with everything that we need.

We haven't received the new computer yet. So I am still blogging on the dinosaur. My husband has been able to get it to work for now. As I am typing my screen is blinking at me and a horrible noise is coming from the tower.

God is amazing and His timing is perfect!! I love how God works.


Janice & Dean said...

That's wonderful - God does provide!

Anonymous said...

Praise The Lord! He gives in so many ways when we are faithful to him.