Saturday, July 29, 2006

My Worst Enemy

How many of you find yourself singing this in your mind: "Nobody likes me. Everybody hates me. I'm going out to eat worms. Big ones. Little ones. Great big juicy ones. I'm going out to eat worms." Okay. It's probably just me. (sorry if I grossed anyone out.)

Last night and again this morning I have been having a pity party for myself. This seems to happen about once a month. There is no reason for it, except my mind just begins to make up these crazy stories. I'm not sure where they even come from...I guess I do have a pretty good idea of where they come from.

In these times, having a nine-month-old is very helpful because no matter what she still will cuddle with me and love me. Except I am her primary caregiver. So when I have to change her 3rd poopy of the day, feed her, play with her, do whatever it takes to keep her happy and my husband doesn't, I think he hates me too otherwise he would have let me go shopping and not have to worry with her all day. See how my mind works. (Disclaimer - I do have a wonderful husband who loves me and helps me with our little girl.)

It's 7:30 a.m. I have been up since 5:30 a.m. (That is what time she woke up hungry this morning.) So if I don't change my attitude now, I will have a miserable day. So my pray this morning is Lord, change my heart. Help me to love myself as You love me and see myself as you see me. Cast out all the negative thoughts that I am having. And help me to show Your love today. So if you read this today, please just say a little prayer for me. Thank you.

Sorry! I'm sure you the last thing you wanted to do today is get inside of my mind


Mom In Action said...

sounds like PMS to me :)

Janice & Dean said...

Not to worry, every Mom has these days. But I have to tell you that even when the kids are grown, you still have those type of days - you just have to find something funny and laugh!

Anonymous said...

I sing that song EVERY day... there's no problem with the thought as long as you don't put it into action. Just wait until the day when your little bundle of perfection actually does chomp on one of those tasty little treats. It's bound to happen!
I've enjoyed reading your entries. It makes me feel like we spend more time together than we can actually manage!
You're often in my thoughts. I hope to see you again soon and am glad to know you're happy in the mean time!
Love ~ Rachel