Thursday, July 27, 2006


My grandmother "Mommom" came to visit me today. It was the first time she has been to my house by herself. We had a wonderful time of chatting and watching my daughter, her great-granddaughter.

She and her sister just returned from a road trip out west. They saw (I think she said) 12 states. She had three places that she really wanted to see - Pike's Peak, The Mormon tabernacle Choir, and The Four Corners Monument (where you can stand in 4 states at one time). She had the time of her life and is very excited to go again.

Most of the day we just sat and watched the little one play. Who needs entertainment when you have a baby. I could just sit and watch her all day. We worked with her - trying to get her to crawl and hold her own sippy cup. I'm not sure why I want her to be more independent. Doesn't that mean trouble?

Anyhow this blog may not have been so exciting for you, but I know I had a great day with Mommom and I can't wait for the next time. I'm sure my little angel will be learning something new by then. It seems that she learns something different every day. It makes my days so fun.

Sorry the picture is from November. I should have taken one today, but as you can see I was a little distracted.

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Chappyswife said...

Great picture. That's a keeper.