Thursday, October 20, 2011


Why does my life feel so chaotic all the time?  Do I choose this? How can I take control of my chaotic life?  These are questions that I started asking myself this morning.  Let me tell you about my morning.

The plan was to wake up at 5am to start making soft pretzels for Princess' non-sugar birthday snack at school. (See.  I am crazy.  I should have just sent in pretzels in a bag!)  Well JD decided to wake up at 4:44am (a number Dave and I see all the time.  We will take any insight on that.).  I nursed and rocked him hoping he would go back to sleep without waking the whole house.  At 5:15am, I decided there was no hope and I HAD to start on the soft pretzels.  So I take him downstairs with me.

I got the pretzel dough mixed.  Set it aside for an hour to rise.  Made lunches for Dave and Princess.  All while trying to keep JD happy and stepping over all of his messes of toys and dishes that he is pulling out of the cabinets.  Oh and picking him up to keep him from crying from time to time.  Then I hear Buddy yelling for me. He is ready to get out of bed at 5:55am.  I made him stay in bed longer (which lasted 1/2 hour).

6:45am the pretzel dough is ready.  I roll it out and make 130 bite size pretzels.  Sprinkle cinnamon-sugar on half (I know.  I kind of broke the rules.) and edible orange glitter on the other half.  Put them in the oven.  Put toaster things in the toaster for Princess and Buddy's breakfast.  Make them get dressed themselves.  Get the pretzels out of the oven.  Put them in containers for easier delivery.

I get the kids out the door to drop Princess and the snack off at Kindergarten.  I forgot my phone for Princess to call so Daddy could wish her "Happy Birthday".  Get the kids out of the car and realize they are dressed for summer (it's only 52 degrees).  OOPS!  Then we get to the school just as the buses get there!  I forgot to time it so that I didn't have dodge 200 5- and 6-year-olds.  AAHH!

Thankfully I came home.  JD went straight to bed and Buddy didn't give me any hassle about taking a shower.  Now I have a kitchen to clean up.  Some birthday shopping to do.  Lasagna and french bread to make for dinner.  Brownies for dessert. I hope I remember to pick her up from school.

So do you see any way that I could simplify my life?  Haha!  By the way, I'm not complaining.  I'm just glad the morning is done and the snack made it to school.

Oh and these soft pretzels are really good and relatively easy.  Kelli, I hope you don't mind me sharing the recipe.


Promises said...

You are an amazing mom! If time permitted, you could have made the pretzels and lunches the night before, bu I don't know what chaos was going on at that time!!! If you hubby were home, you could have given JD to him! ;) All I know, is that I am sure that you have made some great memories for your kiddos everyday - with all of the "chaos" going on! Another tip - have another kiddo! :) Oh, and thanks for the recipe!

Kirsten said...

I just cannot get over the fact that you made the pretzels from scratch--you are awesome! Praying that you get to sleep in a little bit today. :)

TCC said...

I agree - you are an amazing Mom. Your flexibility and go-with-the-flow attitude are admirable. Many would have scrapped the pretzels - and that would have been okay. But YOU are the momma to those precious kiddos and they know they are loved.

Reading this caused me to think of some of the chaos in my childhood home and the sweet memories that have persevered over the years. All of the wonderful things that my Mom chose to do in the midst of the chaos of the day just because she loved us.

That's why I am the way I am too. It's probably also why I love you so much sweet friend!

Thanks for the smile.