Tuesday, August 02, 2011

JD - 9 months old

JD turned 9-months-old on Sunday. He has accomplished a lot this month. He is still in the process of getting 6 teeth at once. 3 have poked through and 3 are right there almost through. The first tooth he got was his left "side" tooth (I obviously don't know the names of the teeth), then his front right, and third his bottom left. He wants to be different and get them in a different order.

He has also learned to roll really good. Although he doesn't realize he can get places by doing it. He can sit up from a laying down position. He gets himself into a crawling position, but can only go backwards. I saw him moving forward once. So soon he will be moving around. His favorite position to be in is standing. He will stand, holding himself up, for 20-30 minutes just playing.

He brings so much joy to our family. He can easily entertain all of us.

This is supposed to be a video, but Blogger is giving me a hard time uploading it. I will try later. It is on Facebook, so if we are "facebook friends" you can watch it there.

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