Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Little Laundry Man

My Buddy will wake up in the mornings and say, "Mommy, let's do laundry." He will then proceed to find laundry that needs done and place it in the washing machine. I put the soap in and set the settings and he turns it on. Then he likes to sit on his stool for a few minutes and watch the clothes start washing.

When the washing machine is done, he will move everything to the dryer. Then I put him on top of the dryer and he turns it on. (Although now if I'm not paying attention, he will get a chair and climb on top of the dryer himself.) Then he empties the dryer when the clothes are done drying.

There was one week he had all the laundry washed and I had to look around for stuff to wash. Now I just need to get him to fold and put away.

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