Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Favorite "Room"

I really do not like doing home improvements or having home improvements done in my house. It creates a lot of messes for me to clean up and you just can't live normal life without obstacles. However, I do LOVE the finished "product".

It seems we are always doing home improvements. We did take a little break after our living room (which I LOVE) last year. But most recently, we did a little project.

I wish I had before pictures, but for some reason, we usually forget to take those. It started as a stairway to our basement. We have steps right by our front door that lead to the basement and we also had this stairway in the back between the kitchen and toy room that led to the basement.

My idea was to just put some shelves in the back stairway for some extra storage. Then the idea grew into blocking off the stairway (putting a floor in), and creating a pantry! What an AMAZING idea! You see I have a small gallery kitchen. I've been forced to put all my groceries AND dishes in the cabinets for the last 5 years that we have lived here. I could never really buy bulk or extras if I found a good deal.

So my dad came up and helped Dave put the floor in and do some electrical work. Then Dave painted, tiled the floor, and put the shelving in (and did some more electrical work...that's a whole other story). And VOILA!!!! I HAVE A HUGE PANTRY!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I THINK IT IS MY FAVORITE ROOM IN THE HOUSE RIGHT NOW!!!!!
Sorry, it's not the best picture. There is more shelving behind the door (you can kind of see that). It goes to about the middle of the door. Then I have a place to put my Sw*ffers, Sh*rk mop, etc. behind the door too. Did I say, "I LOVE IT!!!!"

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