Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Bird Looking for a New House...Any Takers?

We've had a bird (or two) building a nest in our dryer vent (we have 2nd floor laundry). Any time I would see it coming, I would bang on the window and it would fly away. That has worked in the past to keep other birds from building nests on our porch. This bird kept coming back.

Dave had off of work on Monday, so he decided to take the bird's nest out of the dryer vent and put a new dryer vent know, one that birds can't enter. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong!

He took the old vent off and noticed the whole dryer hose was completely blocked from the bird's nest. (Thank you Jesus that it never caught on fire!) He also noticed that who ever put the hose on decided to use a vinyl/plastic know the kind that will not last forever. Needless to say, from his angle the hose looked like it was all cracked. So now the hose needs replaced too.

Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that the hose runs from the dryer about 8 feet and is BETWEEN the floor boards and our dining room ceiling! So guess what? You guessed it. We have a huge hole in our dining room ceiling now. Here are pictures of what we found:

We are thinking that there was another bird's nest in there before this bird started. Again, thank you Jesus that it never caught on fire. We found two dried eggs. Some of the straw and dirt was on top of the dry wall ceiling. Let me just tell was a MESS!!!

I guess a couple of good things will come out of this.
1. My dryer should dry more efficient now. In the past I have had to run my dryer on 2 cycles for my clothes to be dry.
2. Our dining room renovation has officially begun. Dave has already started removing wall paper...just "to see how easy it will come off".
3. I can rest assured that my dryer will not start a fire.

Oh, we did see the bird come back that night. He was all confused....poor bird. He couldn't find "his" opening to his house. It was sad. (That was all said with SARCASM!!!)


This Journey of Mine said...

All I have to say, is that it took a BIRD to make that wall paper come down! I kinda like the bird, right now!!!

Promises Fulfilled said...

that is unbelievable! It was probably a good thing that the hose was one that would "fall apart" - that probably gave you the venting that you needed so that it would not catch on fire! Glad that you are all ok, and looking forward to hear and see your renovation!

Trish said...

Sounds like a double blessing! Glad to hear nothing bad happened with the dryer.

joyful4 said...

Now that you are all ok, please send that bird to hershey, we have some big, strong warm trees for her to live in...... miss you guys!

TCC said...

I think all the animals want you to like them and that is why they are infiltrating your home. :) he...he...he!