Friday, January 29, 2010


Yesterday, I was watching TLC before the kids woke up. When they woke up, I just left the tv on and got breakfast ready, etc. A while later, I walked in the living room and saw the kids watching "A Baby Story". No big deal. We watched the mommy have the baby. When the baby came out with blood on her, I looked at Princess. She kind of looked at me like, what is wrong with the baby. I explained that there is blood inside the mommy, so when the baby comes out sometimes there is blood on the baby. She was okay with that explanation.

Today, I was telling the kids that Miss Tiffany has a baby in her belly and the baby is going to come out soon. Little Guy says, "Is it going to have sauce on it?" I replied, "Sauce?" thinking I miss understood him. He said, "Yes, sauce. Like on tv."