Saturday, January 30, 2010

Messy Bed

I usually don't make my bed in the morning, but yesterday I cleaned our bedroom. (It looks empty now. Piles of clothes and dust bunnies really add to a room...seriously!) Since I have a clean room, I decided that I should make my bed. While I was making my bed Princess came in. Here is our conversation:

Princess: Did Daddy mess up the bed?
Me: Yes, every time you sleep in a bed it gets messy.
Princess: So, we should just keep it messy.

EXACTLY!!!! Why make the bed?


Andrew said...

I have to say that I really do agree...although I do pull up my covers every morning - so it is sort of made, just not pristine!

Promises Fulfilled said...

ok the first comment was me, I didn't know that the hubs was signed in! Sorry about that! :) I usually pull up his sheets!

Anonymous said...

I always had to make my bed when I was growing up and could never figure out why. Then I had my own home so why bother? Even after having children it really didn't matter...then one day it just clicked that since I had a new comforter, it needed to be shown off. After that it just doesn't seem like the day has started right if the bed is not made. (HINT - if you just pull the covers up as you are getting up that is the beginning of wanting to have your bed made). I must admit, my bed is not always prestinely made.