Monday, October 26, 2009

Makes THIS Mama Proud...

Can you see what this bag says at the top of this bag? You read it right. CVS.

Princess went her daddy the other day and asked, "How do you spell CVS? Does it have an 'O' in it?" I'm not sure who actually wrote it on the bag, but it was all her idea.

My 4-year-old is already beginning her great addiction to CVS. I LOVE IT!


TCC said...

She's learning from the best!

Promises Fulfilled said...

That is so cute! For quite a few months, whenever we pass a CVS, Brady will say, "there's CVS, Mom!"...a couple of weeks ago, Smiles pointed out the window and said, "CVS"!!! At first, I was not sure what he said, and then I asked him if her said, CVS, and he said yes, and said is again! So cute!