Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little Guy's 1st ER Visit

This past Saturday started just like any other day. We sat down to eat breakfast, played for a little while, then I decided it was time for a shower. Well Little Guy did not want me to leave him. I ran into our guest room so I could turn Dora on for him. He chased me in there (we turned it into a game). Next thing I know, he tripped over a pair of shoes and started to cry. Little Guy does not usually cry. I picked him up and said "brush it off", but he didn't just brush it off this time. It took his blankey and pacifier to calm him.

Grandpa came to our house later in the morning with Easter baskets for the kids. Little Guy didn't want any thing to do with the candy or toys that was in the basket. In fact, he only wanted to be held. This is when we noticed that he would not put any weight on his left leg. I stood him about 2 feet from me and made him walk to me (such a good mother, I know). He limped the whole way.

He seemed very tired, so I decided to put him down for a nap. I figured he would sleep it off. He woke up about 2 hours later with no change. That's when we decided to have him checked...maybe something was wrong.

Little Guy and I went to the ER. (Princess and Daddy ran other errands and had some quality time together). Little Guy was such a trooper. We waited in the ER waiting room for 3 hours and 45 minutes. He sat on my lap or on the chair next to me the entire time. Little Guy made so many new friends (mostly adults) while we waited. All the other kids in the waiting room were running around or crying at some point. He just sat there with me talking, singing, and laughing.

Finally it was our turn. As soon as we went back, they took him for x-rays. I was able to stay with him and hold his leg for the x-ray techs. He did not like getting x-rays. I think this was the only time he really cried.

After the ER doctor came in to tell us that his leg was indeed broken, the osteo doctor came in with all the supplies for a cast. He told me that it was Little Guy's tibia that broke...called a spiral or a toddler fracture. It is very common in toddlers.

Little Guy was able to sit on my lap while he got his cast on. The doctor asked Little Guy if he could count. They started counting together. Then Little Guy sang his ABC's, Oh Christmas Tree (he only knows 2 lines) and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. He also asked for a cast on his other leg. He was so pleasant. When the doctor left, Little Guy wanted to take the cast off, but was okay with it when I told him we were taking it home.
Today he is okay with his cast. He is crawling or scooting on his butt to get around. He is still able to torment his sister (which I think is important to him). After 2 nights, he is sleeping good. Overall he is adjusting better than I thought. He saw the doctor yesterday and is scheduled to get his cast off on May 1!

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The Gang's Momma said...

Oh, I feel your pain! We had Dr. D in a cast up to his thigh at 16 months old, an accident on the playground. It was more traumatic for me than him, I think. But we did the same thing: let it go a while to see what would happen. And this fall, same thing again when LadyBug broke her wrist. You'd think I'd have learned with the first one all those years ago :)