Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just One Scoop Please

This is a story that my in-laws have told over and over again, so I thought maybe I should write it down.

About a month ago, we were at Grammy and Pappy's house (my in-laws). We were just sitting around visiting and watching tv.

Princess: Grammy, I want ice cream.

Grammy: Okay.

Grammy leaves the room to dish out the ice cream.

Me: Princess, tell Grammy that you just want one scoop of ice cream.

Princess: Why do I only want one scoop? (Grammy & Pappy thinks this is the funniest line.)

Me: Because that is all you need.

Princess to Grammy: Grammy, I just want ONE scoop.

Grammy: Are you sure that is all you want?

Princess: Yup, just one scoop.

Grammy: Okay.

If only she listened that well all the time....

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I'm not at all surprised....This is exactly what I would expect from your well-behaved child!!! :-)