Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Little Known Secret?

This morning I told Princess that we could go to the park and play since it looked like a nice day. We waited for Little Guy to wake-up, eat breakfast and get dressed. We got our shoes on and packed a snack. We pulled the wagon out of the garage and wouldn't you know it started raining. It was raining hard enough that we would have gotten too wet for a semi-chilly day. I had to tell Princess that we could not go to the park. She had such a sad face.

I told her that we could get in the car and drive to an indoor playground. She doesn't do well at McDonald's or Chick-fil-A. So, I decided to take her and the Little Guy to the play area at the Harrisburg Mall. I really didn't want to go that far from the house, because of doing laundry and housework. On the way there, I got a brilliant idea. Servant's Heart!!!

Did you know there is a play area at the Servant's Heart bookstore (formally Christian Publications)? I thought everyone knew this, but after talking to a friend who practically lives across the street from it, I realized that not everyone knows.

They have a sliding board, a bunch of toys (a lot are broken and dirty), puzzles, and a big screen TV with a lot of video options. It is geared more towards preschoolers. For the adults, right outside of the play area are tables and leather couches that you can sit and relax while enjoying a free cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea.

We spent an hour playing on the slide, putting puzzles together, building blocks, and playing with all of the other toys. Unfortunately Little Guy still needs me there especially for the slide so I didn't get to relax, but it is just fun to go somewhere else to play. I put a kids music video on just for background music. We had a fun morning.

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The Gang's All Here! said...

I love it when stores offer that little something extra like that to meet the needs of their shoppers. Another place you might enjoy is the play area at your local Giant. I believe maybe in CH? We have a local "mega" church that has a similar facility, geared toward ages 2-12. Very clean, very safe, and very MOM friendly with a cafe adjoining :) I love taking my gang there on 1/2 days or days off from school!

And regarding the toys being broken or dirty, I would gently bring that to the attention of the management - it's a liability for them and a danger to the kids. Maybe even gather some moms to donate some safe toys their kids have outgrown?