Wednesday, October 08, 2008


This past Saturday, we decided to take the kids to pick apples. We took them to Paulus Orchards. The kids enjoyed it. Little Guy was picking "matoes" the entire time and kept falling over the apples on the ground. We picked 1/2 bushel of Empire apples which supposedly is 50 apples. I think we had closer to 75 apples.

Sunday I baked 12 apple dumplings, 2 apple pies and a chocolate cake (Princess' request). Yesterday I made 12 more apple dumplings. So if you wonder why Hubby and I are looking "well nourished" lately, this is why.


This Journey of Mine said...

Without me???? See, I need the button to beam me up. I need it!!!

Way fun!

Livin' Life said...

Apple picking is the best. The boys and I are hoping to go this monday. I love how you said Little Guy kept falling over the apples. I remember those days.

How wonderful!!!

Classic MaMa said...

We are going there in a few days. :)