Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My CVS Trip Today

I am still doing the CVS thing. I made out pretty good today so I just thought I would share.

1st Transaction:

CVS Allergy Relief x2 boxes - $7.58
CVS Tampons - $3.89
Total - $11.47
CVS coupon $3 off $10
Used $7.98 Extra Bucks coupon
Paid out-of-pocket - $0.49
Extra Bucks received - $8.58
2nd Transaction:
Intuition Razor - $9.99
Aquafresh Extreme toothpaste - $2.99
2 Colgate 360 toothbrushes - $7.98
Adidas deodorant - $4.99
Total - $25.95
CVS coupon $5 off $25
Manufacturer coupons - $7
Used $12.37 in Extra Buck Coupons
Paid out-of-pocket $1.58
Extra Bucks earned - $21.96
In Summary:
Left my house with:
$11.77 Extra Bucks
$2.?? in cash
some coupons
CVS card
Came home with:
$37.42 worth of products
$21.96 Extra Bucks
and some more coupons
I walked! So I didn't even spend money on gas!!!


Promises Fulfilled said...

that is so great that you had such a great experience! I need to go again this week and get some great deals!

I don't ever get those coupons printed out for $3/$10 or $5/$25 - I wonder why not? Great for you though! :)

Melissa said...

I know...CVS is now a once a week (or more) shopping trip. I check the circular on Sunday and see what they've got. I got the Intuition razor cartridges for $9.99 plus a $4 off manufacturers coupon and then $6 in Extra, basically they paid me 1 cent to buy their razor blade refills! I just love that!

Make the Moments Count said...

I love shopping at CVS...I go at least once a week, sometimes more. Unfortunately our stores don't stock up on the deal items, until after the deal is over. It doesn't make any sense, and frustrates me. Thats why I make so many check up on what is in stock. Anyway, great job!

Make the Moments Count said...

Yeah, I'm still's been so crazy lately, I feel like I'm constantly trying to get a grip on things...but never do.
So where did you see my parents?!