Monday, March 31, 2008

Bugs & Steakhouse

No the two don't go together. I have a question about a bug. And I have something to tell you about a steakhouse.

1. Does anyone know what kind of bug this is? We have had several in our house this winter. Neither Hubby nor I have ever seen them before and just want to know what it is and how we can get rid of them. It's not a big problem. We just don't like having bugs in our house. (OnFire, please don't think about this too much. I want you to stay at our house without worrying about them.)

Sorry if I just freaked you out with the picture.

2. Last Tuesday we went to the Texas Roadhouse Steakhouse to celebrate Uncle Jesse going into the Army. When we got there, we realized kids eat free on Tuesday. What a nice surprise! We don't usually order an extra meal for the kids, but since it was free we decided to. Princess got Kraft Mac 'n cheese and Little Guy got chicken fingers (both meals came with a side of apple sauce.) Little Guy ate 3 out of 4 chicken fingers, applesauce, some french fries and a couple of dinner rolls - he sometimes has a huge appetite. Princess didn't touch her meal because she filled up on dinner rolls before her meal came. Anyhow, I just wanted to pass along the "kids eat free" tip. That even includes their drink.


On Fire For Jesus said...

Oh. my. goodness. I don't know if I can have my kids stay in a house with bugs like that???

Oh... wait. I already do. Did you hear that the south is known for bugs? Its true!

Natalie said...

Call Rendy and ask her to come over for a bug consult. She'd be thrilled to identify that sucker for ya. No kidding...she would. Actually, just call and tell her to check your blog and look at the picture. Seriously.

My uneducated guess is stink bug. This is the first year we've ever had them in our house.

Hands-Free Heart said...

Our exterminator has confirmed that those are indeed stinkbugs. He said they came from Asia and have really taken hold around here in the last couple of years. He sprays for them, but says that [whoever develops bug killer] are experimenting to come up with a better product to get rid of them. What we do when we find one is catch it in a tissue (they're easy to catch) and shake it into the toilet and flush. If you crush them, they really do stink!

We even shared the gospel with our "bug-man" exterminator... well, sort of. We got out Hermie & Friends' Stanley Stinkbug Goes to Camp video. He was amazed at what a good job the artists did in the details on all the bugs. He also thinks it's hysterical that there's a whole kid's movie about a stinkbug.

On Little Guy's eating... both our boys ate like crazy at that age!

Melissa said...

And, again I will confirm stinkbug. We moved out here to the country and find them in our house on a weekly basis (even in the winter!). The girls will shriek as I try to dispose of it without squishing it, because as the rumor goes, if you squish it it will stink.

Promises Fulfilled said...

ok - so you have been told already that it is a stink bug...that is very cool about Texas Steakhouse! I will have to keep that in mind!

Livin' Life said...

OH we have those and potato bugs a lot at our home. We are not allowed to kill them. The boys have a fit so we have to let them go which allows them to only return later. Yup they are stink bugs. Don't squish them or you will find out why they are called stink bugs. :)

TCC said...

Ahhhh...I'm late in the identification...stink bug for sure.

Check out this link:
It gives basic info about them but also talks about how to safely get rid of them.

On Fire For Jesus said...

Huh?! A stinkbug. Better then the wood roaches we have found, that are at least an inch long!!! I'm serious? Want to come visit me now?

The Gang's All Here! said...

Okay, so I'm late to the game. But funny story: my boys like to crush them around each other and then pretend that the target had (ahem) gas. Which cracks The Boss up. Every time.