Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, OnFire!

Today is OnFire's 31st birthday. I thought for her special day I would write a post highlighting 31 special memories we share together. Some were pee your pants funny to us, while others were just part of everyday life.

1. My first memory - Hubby and I ate dinner with OnFire and her hubby. After dinner we played the game "spoons". OnFire was determined to get a spoon. She lunged across the table (almost onto my hubby's lap). In doing this she pushed her chair back and almost put a hole in the wall.

2. "Tell me something I don't know!" (Sorry I can't explain that one.)

3. How do you say Massachusetts?

4. Our week of camping in Cape Cod.

5. Was there really a snake under your tent?

6. Camping at the Locust in Lewistown with our small group.

7. Bullfrog noises.

8. Lots of small group memories.

9. Visiting you and EJ at the hospital after his birth.

10. Getting up at some ungodly time to go walking in the morning.

11. Going on many walks before and after kids.

12. Baking apple pies!

13. Sitting at your table just talking while you did dishes.

14. Christmas Craft Nights.

15. All of your "mommy advice". I do cherish all of your advice, because you are a good mom.

16. I'll never forget - the women's retreat we went to together. Remember, we stayed up all night talking or we would have if the speaker of the retreat didn't interrupt. Oops! Who knew that we were next to Kay Owens and she could hear us?

17. Seeing angels.

18. Becky questions!!!! You stretched me so much. I secretly miss those questions.

19. Mexican Train Dominoes.

20. Hershey Park!

21. Playing darts in our basement. LOL!

22. This is another Cape Cod memory, "Sit on your lips".

23. Sewing and using my hubby's drill the day before CJ came home from New Orleans.

24. Christmas tree shopping. I don't think I could go with you guys anymore. Between you and my hubby, we would have the biggest tree on the lot!

25. My trip home with you from North Carolina. EJ said the darndest things.

26. Our mother's day and father's day celebrations. Juliana's and bowling for Mother's day. Fisaga's and mini golf for Father's day.

27. Sunshine and Coriander.

28. Living a block from each other. Oh how I miss this.

29. Being real with each other. Hubby and I always say that we can just be ourselves around you and CJ. You understand our little quirks.

30. Sally the Chipmunk.

31. Our pedicure, massage (at Sharper Image), and day long shopping spree with Say Anything last year.

Well I know that I missed some. We have had so much fun together. I so much enjoy being your friend. You are my best friend. I miss having you live so close, but I know God has greater plans for your life. I am excited that I get to walk beside you as His plan for you unfolds. I love you! Happy Birthday!

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On Fire For Jesus said...

You made me cry and laugh out loud. This is one of the most precious things you ever "given" me.

I miss you so much!

Love you!